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( day my beloved friend my name is salomy,hope you have a wonderful day well i was so excited after going through your profile today and it got me so interested please i will be very,very happy if you can contact me back through my e-mail address( so we can know more about each other and i will tell you more about my self and give you my picture,
  • Posted Mon 14 Apr 2014 07:28 AM EDT
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Post Super Bowl recovery day! Loved the Dorito's commercial with the gma in a wheelchair & baby in a "johnny jump up" being taunted by an older child with a package of Doritos in a nearby fort. Loved the conclusion!!! Hilarious! Hope I'm like her! LOL!!! :))
  • Posted Mon 06 Feb 2012 06:07 PM EST
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Recovering from Thanksgiving - rainy and cold outside.
  • Posted Mon 28 Nov 2011 10:40 AM EST
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Enjoying the cool breeze of the first day of Fall.
  • Posted Fri 23 Sep 2011 04:01 PM EDT
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Learned my lesson about participating in research!!! Responded to a survey request from a Harvard researcher. After completion I am informed that this study is comparing persons with SCI to lottery winners. How is this to benefit those with SCI? I felt used and tricked into participating in an offensive study - and one that was sent to me via email by the CDRF!!!
  • Posted Mon 18 Jul 2011 01:24 PM EDT
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Did you flag it ?
I commented on it back in 2011. It popped up under my sign in. Interesting thing was a date of Dec 31 1969 also showing up. I had seen it on fb posts .. just didn't know where I caught that cold lol. It appears to be Darren ' s post.
On my cell I can't flag it. I will pursue it. I made another comment to see if it's a real person. I did not his links go to no where. This site could've removed it. They should've removed the entire thread & did not. I found your comment interesting. :)
  • Posted Wed 17 Jun 2015 07:46 PM EDT
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Adding a new puppy to our family and planning the move into my house.
  • Posted Wed 23 Feb 2011 03:24 PM EST
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My daughter returns from 3 weeks in Italy tomorrow. I'm anxious to hear about her adventure!!!
  • Posted Wed 26 Jan 2011 02:00 PM EST
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Made it! Two 6 1/2 hour stretches of doing all of the driving (800 miles) & total exhaustion today. Glad we made the trip. Love North Carolina.
  • Posted Wed 22 Dec 2010 09:03 PM EST
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Keeping warm inside!!! ;)
  • Posted Mon 13 Dec 2010 09:43 PM EST
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Five years ago today was the last day I walked independently...
  • Posted Wed 08 Dec 2010 05:16 PM EST
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