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Sam - regarding your blog post on the vagus nerve in relation to being an alternative pathway for spinal cord injured females to experience orgasms - can you help clarify? I've been ALL over the Internet researching info on orgasms and spinal cord injured women (not men, I'm female, so can we focus on women?) as I am injured at the T9 (thoracic level) ASIA (no sensation, no movement). So as I understand it, it's quite possible for SCI injured women to achieve orgasm, via self pleasure or during sex, if they concentrate touch in non-genital areas with heightened sensitivity? So for me, being at T9, that would be around my waistline, belly button? I am VERY sensitive around that area but I experience more pain than I do pleasure. My question is if I start exploring sensual/sexual touching around than I should be able to have an orgasm? I know reports have shown SCI men/women experiencing orgasms in areas such as earlobes, neck, breasts, etc. and I do believe the largest sex organ IS the brain itself....but those areas really don't do anything for me. Having been injured at 39 I have it concrete in my head that orgasms originate from touch to clitoris or possibly thru vaginal sex. I'm just desperate to get some answers. And yes, I've read Whipples book, THe Science of Orgasms, and the other book on disability and sex. I've looked into tantra techniques, sexological bodyworkers, etc...nobody really has any helpful insight into this dilemna as far as how. HOW do I acheive this. I've read over and over it's possible but tell me HOW?
  • Posted Tue 06 Feb 2018 02:39 PM EST
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Hi Sam, 
do you happen to know any followers of Carlos Lima nasal stem cells transplantation methology? 
I'm looking for any experimental program that could help me to improve my tetraplagia.
  • Posted Thu 09 Feb 2017 01:27 PM EST
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Re : Stem Cell Tourist Sports Massive Growth: Condition Worsens on 24 June 2016

Hi Sam Maddox,

Regarding your subject post, I would like to share a successful case (No Invasive Surgery involved) in Hong Kong, although it works on an animal at the moment, but remember both humans and animals are Terrestrial Vertebrates (once they have spinal cord, this technique can be applied)

And there are also 2 successful cases (again No Invasive Surgery involved) of 2 paralysis canine accidentally hurt his spinal cord in the link of the below youtube video for your kind reference :

May be this vet in Hong Kong can bring some change to those on wheelchairs.

  • Posted Fri 19 Aug 2016 11:22 AM EDT
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  • Posted Mon 08 Feb 2016 05:05 PM EST
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The columns on "Don't Call it a Miracle," and "Walking the Walk" provide education and hope for those with SCI. The shared theme is how far applied research has come and how many more unanswered questions need to be addressed. Many thanks, Sam. Keep it up!
  • Posted Tue 29 Sep 2015 04:48 PM EDT
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  • Posted Tue 05 Aug 2014 02:14 PM EDT
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Dear Mr Maddox: Am I qualified as "spinal cord injured" when I cannot hold my torso upright to walk, or to use my arms/hands together to do anything above waist height, and anytime standing (at my 90-130 degree angle) or walking past 1-3 minutes begins a crippling/weakening decline from anything above the waist with added leg weakness until I am either on the ground or at 90 degrees or less needing aid of canes, rolling walkers.) I had bed-bound days of back pain 40 years ago occassionally. No insurance, no money, no diagnoses, no treatments. 1995; two lumbar ruptures, emergency L3 ? laminectomy, the "moderate bulge" of other disc was left to keep me in hell forever. Duke U. eventually MRI's lumbar (no one ever looked at thoracic!!!!) but in 9 yrs of taking my money and insurance paymnts, they never did anything except one neurologist gave wondrously helpful epidurals, in sets of 3, on both sides of lumbar, and I would be able to stand/walk for months, greatly reduced pains/muscle spasms sharp stabbing at waist. No real effect on constipation, infertility, bladder incontinence & a colitis, sciatica back & front both legs and the pains at shoulderblades and above across entire back. In 2009 I heard of laser spinal treatments and refinanced my house, took $25K, hired the best physiatrist I'd ever seen who got rid of some back spasms, strengthened my legs, loosened some tendonitis & bursiiis. Flew me & med. escort to FL but pretesting failed to detect hi white count, flew back to NC, crushed, got antibiotics, got well, flew back got the laser surgery but in themiddle of the "surgeries", they woke me up and told me I needed a "further" surgical procedure on another part of the affected areas, for another $14K over the $12K I'd paid cash already. Ya, right. I had told them upfront that this was ALL the money I had for this,but no one told the surgeon, I guess, or they just do this to all the patients. They loaded me up with steroids I am sure, but one permanent improvement was loss of the colitis, some few degrees of uprightness added, a few min.s of upright time per event. We know that the bladder/intestines/colon, reprod. organs and lots of back nerves & muscles are in the Thoracic region, and that has not been even MRI'd by Duke whre I live, but in FL, I paid $500 and go thte whole spine done with the most intense, thorough osteopath's reading ever seen, 5 pages of details, a few hundred images of hi resolution, whereas Duke's Mri'S reading/images are antiquated, pedantic, irrelevant notes with little concern for the human being's functionality as the focus of the notes. But the place I went to in FL: has vanished. Duke refuses to do anything for my crippled condition, not even the only thing that helped, the steroid injections, without any reason given for cessation. I had to go to them to have both hips replaced, for a congenital defect in both, besides a degenerative condition in them that mirrors the degenerative disc disease of the spine, and bursitis of most joints in the body, the tendonitis everywhere, and yet they complain & fuss about having to write Rx's for oxycodone & tramadol, I cannot afford the Neurontin liquid which helped sciatica & hip pain, but the first two are all they offer of any anesthetic value. Now, again without med insurance, I am living on $300 month, buying Rx myself plus vital nutraceuticals against the infllammatory process & memory/digestive/energy complications. Duke just suggest I go to get breathing/relaxation lessons. Insane, but possibly case for litigation. Duke gave me MSSA during the 2nd hip replacmnt in 2010 and won't treat me for free, leaving me to buy antibiotics for staph infectn my whole life, without money for the Infection Specialists they want me to see. I know why malpractice insurance rates are so high based on how hospitals/doctors freely abuse patients and refuse to treat those they mess up. But I am 63, have been mostly bedbound for years, trying to force myself to keep active w/goal of improved abilities. 2 forward, 1 back. Are there resources you know of to either litigate against malpractice/abuse or to force hospitals to care for their victims? Can anyone help me get Neurontin from manufacturers on charity....several offered such but cannot find them or work paperwork. I should be eligible for Obamacare but don't know how to get NC to let me. The mental deterioration leaves me losing ground without angels to help fill gaps and close connections, I am becoming inconsequential but have such substantial pain and crippling, does the other stuff I mentioned qualify as suffering?
  • Posted Wed 30 Jul 2014 11:34 PM EDT
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Mari, sorry you're having such issues with pain.

Malpractice is outside my area of knowledge but there are time limits for filing claims or pursuing legal recourse. You can get better advice from a plaintiff attorney there in NC.

Neurontin is made by Pfizer. The company has an assistance program to help patients pay for medications. See

Why would you not be eligible for care under the Affordable Care Act? Try here or here and see what they tell you. You can’t be denied because of preexisting condition.
  • Posted Thu 31 Jul 2014 04:09 PM EDT
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Sam, the Q & A with Dr. Graham Creasey on the North American Clinical Trails network was an exceptional piece. The message did not require a medical dictionary and gave an overview of the latest progress on SCI research, from acute to chronic. The sharing and collaboration will hasten progress. Thanks much.
  • Posted Tue 13 May 2014 05:19 PM EDT
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How long will it be before you contact me ?
  • Posted Tue 22 Apr 2014 11:49 AM EDT
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I need to discuss 4 -AP(AMPYRA) with Dr. Wise Young at Rutgers. Can you make that happen?
  • Posted Mon 21 Apr 2014 08:26 PM EDT
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