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Hello how are you today?

Good day, am miss Hazina Samuel,and am looking for friendship with you,
Please contact me at [ ]
Am going to send you my pictures and also tell you more about me

Thanks Miss Hazina.
  • Posted Tue 05 Aug 2014 02:21 PM EDT
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Do not know why it constantly shows "Alabama" as my state when I live in "New York?!" "Queens, NYC" to be exact! No matter how many times I "Edit Profile" then "Save" my new information, it keeps saying there is a 'Server Error.' So I guess I must come back in here to input the correct information on my profile! It was nice meeting Dan Gottlieb, who seems to regularly post on this site and I like that :-) If I don't know you yet, please introduce yourself. Thank you! All the rest of the info listed on my profile info is correct (they only got my 'State' wrong).
  • Posted Tue 17 Jun 2014 04:07 PM EDT
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