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I am trying to stay cool. It is super hot out today.
  • Posted Fri 31 May 2013 03:09 PM EDT
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Hello How are you today? i am Miss Tina i love you and your profile Please reply me to my email address (
  • Posted Sun 10 Apr 2016 09:13 PM EDT
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Glad to hear that Dr. Dan is getting better. I wish him a speedy recovery.
  • Posted Tue 01 Mar 2011 12:23 PM EST
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I am hoping that the forecasters are wrong about the snow. Enough already!
  • Posted Tue 11 Jan 2011 12:35 PM EST
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Had a very nice Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Posted Tue 30 Nov 2010 11:45 AM EST
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I am working and glancing out the window at the gloomy day. Heavy rains predicted in NJ. Flooding is a possibility. I hope the basement (and the rest of the house) stays dry.
  • Posted Thu 30 Sep 2010 12:07 PM EDT
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Today my youngest daughter turns 12. I can't believe how fast the years have flown by.
  • Posted Fri 10 Sep 2010 12:10 PM EDT
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Working, working, working.
  • Posted Thu 02 Sep 2010 12:09 PM EDT
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