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About his pain - does he take muscle relaxers or antispasmodics for his neck/shoulder pain? My Mom has pain too. The muscles are constantly in a spasm which means they pull tightly all the time, causing them to draw, which causes the pain. Good for his primary care doctor knowing the truth. People in chronic pain are not addicts, they need the meds to treat the pain. The problem is the longer they are on pain meds, the more their body builds a tolerance for the med, so the more the dosage needs to be increased to get the same level of pain control; then the powerfulness of the med needs to be ramped up. My Mom got to the highest dosage of Baclofen that she could tolerate, so they put a Baclofen pump in her that delivers a stead dose of the drug directly into the areas of the spine that will give her the most effective level of antispasmodic relief, bypassing her stomach, thereby reducing side effects and increasing the pain she feels without as much pain medication. It has helped a lot with her overall body stiffness, improving the ability to dress her, move her and her ability to sleep. The FDA is changing the way pain meds are being given to people with chronic pain because of, in my opinion, ridiculous reactions of officials to those who misuse legit medications, therefore penalizing those of us who use them correctly. The result of that is pain clinics and doctors insisting on alternative pain relief choices like meditation, visual imaging, massage, acupuncture, music therapy, yoga, exercise, etc. Although these are legitimate options to try, they will not totally treat the chronic pain most people have to deal with that use narcotic pain relievers. Knowing the issues though may make it easier to discuss alternatives with your doctors, and find doctors who are willing to help you to understand how to manage your pain in a healthy way.
  • Posted Wed 06 Aug 2014 03:07 AM EDT
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Cari, I've read your posts and have a suggestion. I understand your son was at Kessler. Did he know Jack Jablonski while he was there? His injury was similar to your son's and he's close to the same age. Jack was hurt in a hockey game and went to Kessler for rehab. He was able to return to school this year. He graduated and will be going to college in California. You may want to check out the Caring Bridge site -CaringBridge Site: jackjablonski

The point is this, he IS going away from home with a caregiver, across the country, to go to college, without his parents or family. It's only two years post injury. I bet his mom would correspond with you about how they are making that happen. I don't know the logistics (my Mom is an old lady quad, and my parents are just now running out of financial resources to keep her at home with help, so we're facing a SNF by qualifying for Medi-Cal. Whatever program you have to help pay for his care is terrific and I suggest you continue to look for ways to get more help with free and low cost in home care wherever possible.)

So check out Jack's CB site which is where his mom posts. It's right before school starts, so she may be busy getting him started, but she seems like a really nice person, so I'm sure she'll reply.
  • Posted Wed 06 Aug 2014 02:25 AM EDT
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  • Posted Tue 05 Aug 2014 02:15 PM EDT
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