Enjoying Temperature Independence In Your Own Home By Lucy Lawrence

e75d2dbbac08dca694d026857cef5a92-huge-teThere’s a lot to be desired when it comes to accessible housing. According to The Atlantic, only 40% of homes are accessible, meaning it can be a tiring experience for wheelchair users to find somewhere appropriate. The good news is that this trend is set to reverse and make heating the home an easier prospect than ever before.

Through the past few years, technology has aided independent living for wheelchair users, and to boot, the Justice department awarded $11.3m in damages against a housing provider found to have shirked the accessible building rules. Finding independence in the home is getting easier. One key reason for that, is the ease with which the home can now be heated.

Employing Smart Technology

One of the greatest obstacles to feeling truly independent with the climate in your own home, is the accessibility of technology. Old fashioned boilers/furnaces are often inaccessible and arcane in their design, and the thermostats that go with them are inaccessible and non-intuitive. Modern technology has comprehensively solved this challenge.

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Posted by Sparky on Dec 6, 2018 4:29 PM America/New_York