Announcing An Exciting Partnership And Trip To Spain And Morocco!


Fortunately, many countries are seeking ways to create diversity and inclusion for travelers with ‘Specific Requirements’ and providing many accessible options. It’s important to remember though, the world is not 100% accessible; however, if you are okay with a few bumps in the road, anything is possible! is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Travel for All, a travel agency specializing in accessible travel. These mobileWOMEN understand firsthand, the challenges of traveling with a disability and have the knowledge, experience and passion to create a memorable vacation, custom designed to your specific wants, needs and budget.

Travel for All will also be organizing accessible group trips that we will feature on our site and will be listed here. They have generously offered to donate a portion of the profits of each trip booked through our site to Although all of us including our contributors volunteer, we still have operating expenses such as annual website and domain fees, to cover. These funds will be used towards these expenses and improving the site. If you are interested in a trip and want more information, you will just need to email your name, location and trip that you are interested in, to and someone will to contact you.

To read more about this new venture and the exciting trip to Spain and Morocco, go to:
Posted by Sparky on Aug 15, 2018 3:42 PM America/New_York