The Travel Trifecta By Patty Kunze, RN, BSN And Roberta Palmer, RN

Now that spring is finally here and summer vacations soon will be upon us, the nurses at "The Rollin’ RNs" were talking about the response of our spinal cord injured bodies, in environments outside of our own safe havens. It’s a funny thing, we all expect our bodies will “mind their P’s and Q’s”, when actually they go into an odd state following time spent outside our usual environments, especially when traveling. It’s always helpful to discuss these offbeat occurrences with other mobileWOMEN and we discover we that are not alone. But a long car ride, a night of chilliness, and numerous conversations with able-bodied standers can cause a trifecta of disturbance, in our otherwise normal state. So, we decided to pen an article not only to the SCI population, but also to all mobileWOMEN who are unaware of this occurrence.

The first topic of the trifecta, is the extended car ride. Eight to nine hours in a car on a drive, is about the extent of our tolerance. Anything longer and we get squirmy. So, we try to keep our travels to 8-9 hours but sometimes they may stretch to 10 hours and that is exhausting on any body. Couple that with sitting in a foreign seat (other than usual wheelchair) for that time period and it all makes for an aggravated body, especially the back and neck.

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Posted by Sparky on May 17, 2018 12:51 PM America/New_York