5 Disability Friendly U.S. Vacation Spots For The New Year By Lucy Lawrence

The New Year is here, and while weight loss is still the number one resolution of most  Americans, there are other ways that you can enrich your life in 2018. One way to do it is by traveling, which not only improves mental health but also boosts self-confidence, gives you brand-new experiences, allows you to further your education and knowledge, and gives you a chance to de-stress and just enjoy being in the moment. When you use a wheelchair, a walker, a cane, or other gadgets for independence, you may be worried about finding accessible destinations, but there are many disability-friendly vacations that you can take in the U.S. Here are some of the best getaways for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility.

dd3cca6bada584f6fa05ef0462c87942-huge-neNew Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans attracts people all over the world for its culture, food, history, and music. Where else can you find sumptuous food such as beignets and creole food, Mardi Gras, and music joints that play excellent jazz music? The public transport system in the city is highly accessible as it does not have a subway network, and the buses have lowered floors and wheelchair ramps. The attractions and sights such as the iconic Bourbon Street and Jackson are accessible to wheelchair users, and a vast majority of hotels in the area are wheelchair accessible.

To read more about accessible vacation destinations in the U.S. go to:http://www.mobilewomen.org/2018/01/2018-holiday-ideas-5-disability.html 
Posted by Sparky on Jan 18, 2018 12:35 PM America/New_York