My Hurricane Shelter Experience With Tips By Kirsy Rodriguez

Around this time last year, I experienced staying at a shelter for the very first time. Something that I honestly never thought I would have to experience.

You see, prior to moving to Florida three years ago, I lived in Brooklyn, New York. Hurricanes in that part of the country are very rare and the closest that I’ve ever come to experiencing a hurricane, was when Hurricane Sandy came to the New York area. I was in a safe area so we didn’t have to go to a shelter. Not that that option was even in my thoughts, honestly. As many New Yorkers, I just prepared very much like I did plenty of other times during blizzards; I stocked up on food (mainly junk food), water, flashlights, extra batteries and a few candles, in case we lost power.

When I moved to Florida, I learned that hurricane season is alive and well in this part of the country and that stocking up on the essentials is great, but I also needed to have a secondary plan. That secondary plan involved knowing where my closest wheelchair accessible shelters were, in case we were going to be hit by a major hurricane.

Our first lesson in staying at a shelter came last year, during Hurricane Matthew. My family and I, honestly
didn’t know what to expect and you can say that we were a little underprepared when we went in. I guess that always happens when it’s your first time experiencing something new like this. This year however was a little different when we went to seek shelter from Hurricane Irma, and we have Hurricane Matthew to thank.

So with that said, below I will share with you my top personal tips when going to a shelter. My prayer is that you never have to use these tips but in case you do face such a situation, I hope that these points may be of some help to you in being prepared and knowing what to expect.

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Posted by Sparky on Oct 24, 2017 3:08 PM America/New_York