Crazy To Most, Normal To Us By Emily Ann Hupe

When I walked into the hospital for my scheduled c-section on November 17, 2004, I had no idea that those would be the last steps that I would ever take, as an able bodied mom. A rare complication during my procedure, caused a bruise on my spinal cord at T 11-12. I had no feeling from the hips down on my right side, some feeling on the left and no bowel or bladder control. I was now a full-time wheelchair user. Waiting at home for me, were my 6 other children ages: 11, 9, 7, 5, 4 and 2. I had no idea that cold November morning, as I stared down at the perfect face of my youngest child that the next 12 years would nearly destroy our beautiful little family.

I would have over 10 surgeries numerous complications and procedures over the next 12 years. The first 2 years, I lived in constant and excruciating pain. There were countless doctor appointments and procedures. I was in a constant state of "preparing for" or "healing from" something. During this time, I was desperately trying to "mom" from what I came to refer to as "the worst seat in the house". Life for me was measured in hours between pain medication and how many good days that I had in between surgeries or complications. We have home schooled all of our children, so that further complicated my situation. We spent most days in my room and bed, during those first 2 years Slowly we settled into a new normal. My husband is self employed so he was home most days. He would get up at 4:00 AM, work until 8:00 AM in his office and then help get the kids and me up for the day. He would then be Mr. Mom for the day and return to his office after dinner until the bedtime routines began. Often times, he would work late into the night as well. We did not have family close by and we lived 45 minutes from most of our friends in town. People pitched in, at times, and were amazing. However, the reality was that everyone was busy with their own lives and we were on our own most of the time.

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