The Impossible Dream Becomes A Reality

9e2ac9463d44b9fbc825180e1166fc7f-huge-thOver two years ago, we featured mobileWOMAN Deborah Mellen, an avid sailor & a philanthropist who is now sailing the world and educating others about the possibilities for people with disabilities.
Deborah’s story began tragically as many do, when she became paralyzed in her mid-thirties, in Tuscany Italy. Originally from New York, Deborah and her Italian photographer husband, moved to his hometown in Tuscany to experience adventure and hopefully raise their future children there. Unfortunately, this dream was shattered due to a motor vehicle accident. 

Needless to say it was a long journey to recovery for Deborah, requiring many surgeries, support and emotional strength. One activity she found therapeutic and life-saving was being on the water. “Most of my rehabilitation was done in Miami, Florida and it was there that my surgeon put me in touch with Shake-a-Leg, an organization devoted to bringing the experience of sailing to people of all abilities. I fell in love with the beauty of sailing, the wind, the water, the silence and peace. Water was an element that offered me the physical freedom that I no longer found elsewhere.”
Almost twenty-five years later, she set her sights on a new dream, on a grand scale: to bring this therapeutic experience to others with disabilities around the world. Deborah exemplifies perseverance, hope and altruism. We can learn from her that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and live your passion!

Read about the progress of her journey below, in her own words.

To read more about Deborah's journey and find out how you can help her fulfill her dream go to:
Posted by Sparky on Jun 5, 2017 3:10 PM America/New_York