About MobileWOMEN

We at mobileWOMEN.org believe that women with disabilities steer their own lives. Empowered by knowledge, we are having children, pursuing careers, competing in professional sports arenas, becoming community leaders, and living life to the fullest! Now at mobileWOMEN.org there is a place for us to unite and ask questions, as well as share ideas, insights, and experiences. Most of all, this site is a place where we can learn from each other.
mobileWOMEN.org is the creation of women in wheelchairs who were having difficulty finding answers to their questions about health, fashion, and other topics. Our mission is to bring together current and accurate information on issues of interest to our community.
mobileWOMEN.org is very excited to have an active Facebook page, with new members joining each day! Our page is an extension of our website that provides another way for mobileWOMEN to interact, share experiences, and make our community that much more united!
We are thrilled about the success of mobileWOMEN.org, a site where knowledge will be expanded and success will be celebrated, thereby broadening the horizons for women in wheelchairs all over the world!
mobileWOMEN.org is very grateful for the support from W. M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience, The California Endowment and Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

About Wendy Crawford - Founder and Editor

Driving to the airport for her first international contract, fashion model Wendy Crawford at the age of 19 was struck by a drunk driver and, as a result, was paralyzed. Following her accident, the Attorney General’s Office of Ontario (Canada) hired Ms. Crawford for several years as spokesperson to warn others about drinking and driving. During this period, Wendy was given the “Ontario Crime Prevention Award” twice by the Solicitor General of Ontario and honored as “Citizen of the Year” in her hometown.
Growing into womanhood with a disability, Ms. Crawford identified a need and utilized her fashion and public-speaking experience to develop unique means of raising awareness of and becoming an advocate for women in wheelchairs.  In 2002 Wendy founded mobileWOMEN.org, in an effort to provide a forum for women wheelchair users who wanted answers to questions and a community of their peers. 
Other previous endeavors included: co-founding Discovery Through Design, a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring women and raising funds for programs for disabled women and for spinal cord injury research; she served as chairperson of “Women Without Limits”, a committee of the United Spinal Association, whose mission is to enhance the lives of women with spinal cord injury and disease. She was also named by The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis as one of their "Women of Style and Substance" for 2012, named one of the "XIX Most Fashionable Women of Philadelphia" for 2013 by fashion designer,Nicole Miller and participated in Uncensored Life: Raw Beauty, a photography exhibit of physically challenged models.

About Cheryl Price - Managing Editor

Cheryl Price has been an active member in the disabled community most of her life. Paralyzed at birth, Ms. Price was raised as an active wheelchair-user who participated in wheelchair tennis camps and events, wheelchair racing, numerous camps for children with physical disabilities, and also participated in able-bodied sports in school. 
After attending University of Miami and receiving her Bachelors of Science in Education, Cheryl was the editor for S.W.A.T.s Up! ® Calendar Concepts, an internationally circulated fundraising calendar featuring children and adults with disabilities; and Ms. Price worked for ten years as editor of Entertainment News & Views, later renamed ENV Magazine. While with ENV--a Miami-based arts, dining and entertainment weekly--Cheryl made sure to print articles centered around the disabled community, whether the topics involved the Paralympics, disabled artists and authors or her column Inspirational Moments.
Now a Boca Raton, Florida resident, Cheryl Price is busy raising her young son and is thrilled to be devoting time and attention to mobileWOMEN.org, whether she is keeping its Facebook page active or finding innovative columnists to bring their voice to mobileWOMEN.

About Jenny Addis

Wisconsin native Jenny Addis was in a tragic drunk driving accident in 1997 that left her paralyzed from the chest down. Though her world was turned upside down at 24 years old, shortly thereafter Jenny decided to dedicate her life to educating, motivating and inspiring those around her. She’s been an advocate, volunteer and fundraiser since 1999, volunteer peer counselor for newly injured patients, public speaker and all-around “roll” model. In 2000, Jenny was crowned Miss Wheelchair Wisconsin.
Other roles Jenny has taken on include: Board Member for the Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation since 2000. The Foundation raises money for spinal cord injury research, as well as other neurological disorders, and works to promote the quality of life for the physically challenged. Jenny founded the website www.InspirationSpeaks.me. She is a model and committee member for the Fashion Show for All Abilities.
Jenny was the recipient of the 2011 National Volunteer Accessibility Achievement Award for Superior Accomplishments in Advancing the Concept of "Universal Access" within the National Park Service--awarded by the Department of Interior, National Park Service, Park Planning, Facilities and Lands.
Ms. Addis’ accomplishments are numerous, one more impressive than the next. Her commitment to mobileWOMEN.org is sound, as one would expect from Jenny. Her “Hey Jen!” advice column is a favorite on the site and provides answers to questions that are on many people’s minds and finally have the forum to find out the answers.

About Tiffiny Carlson

mobileROMANCE columnist Tiffiny Carlson is a writer, blogger, relationship columnist and podcast host and writes the SCI Life column for New Mobility magazine. Her lifestyle show for people with disabilities, No Free Rides, is sponsored by EasyStand.com, and is currently in it’s fifth year. 

Tiffiny sustained a C6 spinal cord injury from a teenage diving accident when she was 14, and went on to graduate with a B.A. in Mass Communications from Augsburg College in 2001. She’s been active in the disability media industry for over a decade and is the founder of the disability & beauty blog, BeautyAbility.com. 

Tiffiny has also been published in Penthouse, Playgirl and Nerve.com and is driven to show the world that people with disabilities are just as talented and beautiful as anyone else through her work. Tiffiny has also written for Halftheplanet.com, Ican.com, Disaboom.com, Whispers from Heaven, Kids on Wheels magazine and is a regular blogger for Easystand.com. 

About Amy Saffell

Growing up in the disability-aware but still predominantly able-bodied centered setting of Metro Atlanta, Amy Saffell has always had one foot firmly planted in disability culture and the other foot firmly planted in mainstream able-bodied culture. In her early years, it was common for Amy to come home from wheelchair tennis lessons to play the rest of the afternoon with the able-bodied kids in the neighborhood and be equally comfortable in each setting. 
Academics and school leadership, many times with a focus on writing, and wheelchair sports, were two of Amy’s main interests growing up. Amy was also crowned Jr. Miss Wheelchair Georgia, giving her the opportunity to hone her public speaking and advocacy skills as a high school student. 
After graduating with a BA in Communications from Furman University, Amy moved to Nashville, TN, where she works in sales and marketing for a record label.  She has been recognized by the Mayor’s Advisory Committee For People With Disabilities with the Trey Pointer Young Citizen Award.  Amy was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2007 and made numerous public and media appearances around the state during her reign. 
She is currently on the board of directors for ABLE Youth, a Nashville area wheelchair independence and sports group for students. She plans ABLE Youth events, handles publicist duties, and acts as a peer mentor to kids who were just like Amy at that age. In 2011, Amy won the opportunity to appear on ABC’s “What Would You Do?” after writing a scenario based on the misconceptions of people with disabilities that she has experienced in her own life.

About Kelly Rouba 

Kelly Rouba is an accomplished journalist and public speaker, having started her career at age 19 when she took a position as a stringer for the Trenton Times. Aside from the Times, she now writes for GalTime.com, Action magazine, 
thisabled.com, andmobilewomen.org, among other publications. She is also the author of Juvenile Arthritis:  The Ultimate Teen Guide and has a children’s book due out this coming winter.

Ms. Rouba works full-time as a Communications & Emergency Management Specialist for the State of New Jersey and is also a DAE/Special Needs Specialist with the Dept. of Homeland Security/FEMA Region II. Outside of work, she is a member of the Patient Advocacy Institute. She also serves as 2nd Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Arthritis National Research Foundation and as Vice Chair of the Hamilton Township Special Needs Commission. She previously served on the NJ Independent Living Council, the Boards of Enable Inc. and Project Freedom, and the Hamilton YMCA’s Advisory Board.
Ms. Rouba was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 2 and later became an advocate for those living with all types of disabilities. She held the title of Ms. Wheelchair New Jersey from December 2006-February 2008 and has been featured in numerous news publications and shows, from ABC’s television show Perspective New Jersey to the Wall Street Journal.

About Bethany A. Hoppe

Bethany A. Hoppe, born with Spina Bifida, grew up in Russell, PA on a dairy farm.  She earned both her Bachelors of Arts and her Master of Arts in Communication Studies at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. She was a competitive award-winning athlete in weight-lifting natural bodybuilding and bench-press, and participated in wheelchair basketball and track throughout her college career.  Following her Bachelor’s education, Bethany served as Miss Wheelchair Pennsylvania 1994.  
Since graduating with her Masters, Bethany has worked as a university instructor in speech communications in New York, Texas, and now Tennessee, where she resides with her husband Tyson, and daughter Piper.  She teaches public speaking, gender communication, and voice diction at Middle Tennessee State University.
Bethany directed middle school theatre for ten years, and facilitated summer drama camps for youth on a volunteer basis, as well as being hired to direct community theatre, and theatre programming for a private school.  She also created the first wheelchair cheerleading troupe in the Nashville area called “Wheelcheerleaders.”  Following their first successful season, she turned the programming over to its sponsor, to focus on her career and family.
Bethany is the author of “Raspberry Vogue,” a wheelchair diva’s lifestyle blog.  She is a public speaker, voice-over artist, film-television script-writer, play-write, and wheelchair dancer.  She has appeared in music videos, several independent films, and has won awards for her writing, documentary production, acting, dancing, modeling, and community service.

About Robyn Keller

In the summer of 1974, Robyn Keller, a 15 year old cheerleader suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury which left her paralyzed from the chest down while executing a dismount off of a fellow cheerleader. After 9 months of being in the hospital and rehabilitation, Robyn completed high school through the use of an intercom system set up in her home, since her high school wasn’t accessible for a wheelchair. After graduating with her class, she struggled with what to do with the rest of her life.  
In 1982,  she had the opportunity to work for a small consulting firm and realized her love for the computer. With the support of family and friends, she went back to school and was certified in computer programming. Upon completion, the company where she was working hired her on a permanent basis in their accounting department where she continued to work for 29 years.
She claims the best part about working for this company was a chance meeting with a woman who had a son that was also a quadriplegic.  Seeing that Robyn was well adjusted in life, the woman asked her to contact her son which Robyn did and had a pleasant conversation with him, with no further contact.  However, as fate would have it,  six years later she came across his name and decided to call him.  A month later, they went on their first date and within a few months were engaged and married within a year.  They have been happily married for over 21 years! She admits that marriage isn’t always easy with two disabled people but she feels they truly understand each other and have managed to find a way to make their marriage work beautifully.
When she stopped working, she was looking for something to fulfill her when she was introduced to Wendy Crawford, Founder of mobileWOMEN.org. They connected immediately because of their similar injuries and goofy senses of humor regarding their lives and living with a disability.  Robyn is presently the outreach coordinator for mobileWOMEN.org and due to her passion for food and cooking, writes a regular “Mobile Friendly Recipe”.  You can view some of Robyn’s cooking tips on the Reeve Health Minutes for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

About Camile Araujo

In 2006, while patrolling the streets of Miami Dade County, Camile Araujo was involved in a life-changing car accident. She was rendered a T4 paraplegic and sustained severe life threatening complications. After two years of bed-ridden recovery, including four months of having no voice due to tracheal stenosis from long term intubating while she was in a six-week induced coma, Camile was overwhelmed by the support and unimaginable love she received during the most difficult time in her life. She knew that there was much more to the car accident and the spinal cord injury than was visible to the eye. Camile began a journey of self-discovery and re-creation.
At first feeling as if all her dreams had been crushed along with her spinal cord, Camile later learned by connecting with other SCI women that life goes on despite a wheelchair; the quest of our innermost dreams and desires comes from an attitude of gratitude, seeing the hidden order behind the chaos. 
Camile rediscovered her love for writing and began to look for ways to touch and reach people all over the world who were inspired to read her messages and blogs. She is the co-author of two compilation books (Extraordinary YOU:  The Art of Living a Lusciously Spirited and Vibrant Life, and I Am Who I Am Because), and she is a columnist for mobileWOMEN and PN Magazine (Just For Women column). Camile is currently writing her memoir and first novel. Ms. Araujo also gives seminars on topics of personal development (Transformational Life Coach). 
Camile Araujo lives in Coconut Creek, FL, and aside from striving to inspire the world, she strives to inspire one person most of all, her young daughter.

About Julia Stockton Dorsett

Julia Stockton Dorsett was paralyzed after a car accident in 1987.
As a T-12 para life has not slowed down a bit for this ambitious and tenacious gal. After graduating from Ithaca College in 1991 Julia was introduced to wheelchair tennis as a way to stay fit and healthy.  It proved to be more then that as she was a natural and quickly moved up in the rankings.   Her proudest moment was being able to compete in the 2004 Paralympics.  
Not to rest on her laurels, she then went on to campaign for both the Beijing and London games in sailing.  After 6 years on the US Sailing Team she has now retired from the life of a professional athlete to the more "relaxed" literal world.  
Julia's articles are intended to help our readers by introducing us to fun, functional and fashionista flare to make life a little easier for the multi-tasking mobile woman. 

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