Hi, I'm Dave, T-10 paraplegic

Hi, I'm Dave, T-10 paraplegic

Posted by Blizz on Sep 27, 2017 5:34 pm

 It was late on the night of November 30, 2005 and I vividly remember bounding down the staircase and out to my car. I had no idea those would be the last steps I'd take. A few minutes later my 93' Honda Accord slammed into a wall at about 110mph and my life was shattered as badly as the windsheild. I very nearly died, breaking my back, neck, pelvis, sternum, ribs, ankle (was crushed, and my lungs were punctured. It took time, but nearly all those injuries completely healed leaving only scar tissue. An SCI at T-10 however never has. And frankly I've never gotten better at handling it. I ache every day for the function of my lower body to return. I came on here hoping to connect with other people who feel like I do and also to try to find clinical trials, surgeries, etc. that may be of some benefit (I'm 6'4", too tall for the rewalk suit).
Other things about me: I'm from and currently reside near Philadelphia. I was 26 when I got injured, I'm 38 now. I spent 6 years living in San Diego, for a while doing therapy at Project Walk. I did therapy also at the center for SCI recovery in Detroit. I drive a 08' Mustang convertible with digital hand controls (which I strongly suggest if you're able to get them) I love music, I'll go with Eminem as my favorite artist. I'm an avid reader, Bernard Cornwell is my favorite author. My favorite book is either his "The Pale Horseman" or Ken Follett's "Pillars of the Earth". I'm not big on TV but "The Man in the High Castle" is great. I like women, usually younger. I've always been kind of spiritual (not religious) and I've gotten into meditation the last 5 years or so. How about you?

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