T4-T5 complete paraglegic

T4-T5 complete paraglegic

Posted by elli on Aug 21, 2017 9:47 am

Tell us about yourself, hmmm, thats a tough question for me right now, i feel like there was me before the accident and me post accident, so ill start there. I was driving home from work 2 months ago, 7pm at night i stopped for a red light, i was the first car in my lane, i remember i was to ed sheran, the light turned green, i put the car in first gear and took off, out of the corner of my eye i saw headlights coming towards me, from that point on every thing slowed down, i remember thinking that car shouldnt be coming directly at me they should be stopped, the car crashed into the drivers side of my car, and then everything gets blurry. The man who crashed into me was drunk, he ran a red light, he nearly killed me. I was in and out of consciousness, the pain was unbearable, i was trapped inside the car for just over an hour, until rescue crews cut me out. I sustained broken ribs, punctured lung, complete spinal cord injury at a T4-T5 level, internal bleeding, broken right arm and shattered hip. i will never walk again, i have not yet come to terms with this, i cant feel or move anything below arm pits, i have no core strength, no abdominial muscles, i cant sit up from a laying down position without assitance, and once im sitting up i cant balance. My SCI effected my lungs, simple things like taking a deep breath is now impossible, if im in a sitting position in my wheelchair i cant just reach out and grab something because ill fall (lesson learned the hard way), i dont have any control over my bladder and bowel. Rehabilitation will help, i hope to gain some independance back, little things like rolling over in bed and being able to sit up unassissted, these little things that i used to do all the time are now a source of constant frustration.

Re: T4-T5 complete paraglegic

Posted by TJ14 on Aug 24, 2017 3:38 pm

Elli,  my name is TJ Griffin I'm with the Christopher Reeve peer mentor program. I saw your post. I would love a chance to provide you with one on one peer mentor someone that's close to your age and injury level that you can talk with relate with about your disability. If are were interested please email me directly at tjgriffin@christopherreeve.org 

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