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Hello everyone. My name is Jordan and I'm a 23 year old man from Alabama. I was paralyzed from the chest down about 3 years ago, but before I had that wreck, a few months earlier i had a four wheeler accident.. I crashed into a power pole doing about 30 or 40I Woke up and couldn't use my right arm at all., turns out I pulled the nerve out of my spine that controls my entire right arm. Still haven't got much use back in it yet.. but here's my problem.. my parents put me in a nursing home as soon as I got out of the hospital.. and having no one around, and loosing ALL of my friends and just figuring out I'm paralyzed at 20 with one working arm.. well I just went downhill fast.. pretty soon I just slipped into a lazy non-trying, mad at the world mess.. And well 3 years later I'm still here.. and Ik this is completely and undoubtedly my fault.. from the accidents to STILL being in this nursing home, depression, hating being in this place more than any thing in life.. like it's sucking the soul out of me.. anyways I don't know what I need, well yes I do I need to get out of this nursing home,. It just seems like when I speak to someone they don't take me seriously, don't care what I'm saying.. and it seems like my parents just want me to stay here..  they never listen to me, or even try to understand what I'm saying... I don't know if it's because they've been in the medical field for like 40 years each.. but they don't seem to understand or see anything the way I do.. if it's anything to do with financial then they will hold it over my head.. And I also know that I'm the only one who can change that in anyway... does anybody have any advice for me.. please...
thank you!  

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Posted by PC-Eastern-USA on Jul 17, 2017 2:23 pm

Hi Jordan,
I’m Todd Johnston from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and the Peer and Family Support Program.  I had a motorcycle accident when I was 22 and became paralyzed at T4.  It certainly can be challenging to learn to deal with what becomes our new normal.  It can help to speak with someone who has been there.  If you would like to speak with me directly you can email me at tjohnston@christopherreeve.org or you can request a peer mentor from our foundation by going to the following link. https://www.christopherreeve.org/get-support/get-a-peer-mentor
To get out of the nursing home a thought or possible option may be to work with an Independent Living Center. There are many throughout the nation who can help with transitioning from a nursing home to a place within the community.  Many of them work with Money Follows the Person: Money Follows the Person is a program for nursing home residents who want to live more independently in the community. In order to be eligible, the nursing home resident must be eligible for Medicaid, lived in the nursing home for 3 months or longer, be interested in living in the community, and be eligible for one of the community waiver programs.

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation website has State Fact Sheets which provide the information on organizations that can assist people in our community for a variety of things. https://www.christopherreeve.org/living-with-paralysis/fact-sheets-a-z/state-resources .

Our foundation created a Paralysis Resource Guide which has a wonderful amount of information that has been very helpful to people with paralysis, their family members and friends.  You can order a free hard copy to be mailed to you or you can download it to your PC.  There is also an audio version that can be downloaded: https://www.christopherreeve.org/living-with-paralysis/free-resources-and-downloads/paralysis-resource-guide.
The foundation has a terrific team of Information Specialists which are available to answer your questions. Call toll-free 1-800-539-7309 Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm ET.
Wishing all the best as you work towards transitioning out of the nursing home.  Todd
Todd A. Johnston 860-558-7384 Program Coordinator for Eastern United States Peer and Family Support Program Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation tjohnston@christopherreeve.org

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