PsychoQuad looking for others, similar or not!

PsychoQuad looking for others, similar or not!

Posted by PsychoQuad on Oct 10, 2015 6:31 pm

For the past four decades I have been working on a difficult type of disability rights, human rights in mental health. For the past decade we have branched out from psychiatry to cross-disabiltiy. Ironic, because about 34 months ago I had a bad fall. Because of a pre-existing condition, spinal arthritis, such a fall was a very bad idea. 

Anyway, I now have the lable of quad (tetra) and I use a powerchair. Plus, I cannot move my head and I have a paralyzed vocal fold, and some other stuff. 

You can read my blog for info, because I try to make an entry every few weeks. Thankfully, I have a wonderful volunteer and admin, so that helps my writing. You can read it here:

So this is a "hello"! Because things are kind of slow, I had intended to do this for a while, but better late than never.

My main interest now is challenging the way society seems to be paralyzed about climate crisis.

As well as saying hi, and networking with any of you, I would especially like to to connect with other folks who have both a psychiatric label and are quad. I use the term PsychoQuad! I enjoy using humor to puncture oppression. 

I will try to look at this discussion, but if you want to be more sure to reach me, please copy your email to me:

I am also on facebook: David W. Oaks

In support,

Re: PsychoQuad looking for others, similar or not!

Posted by Dan Gottlieb on Oct 14, 2015 9:48 am

hi David,

Psychologist Dan Gottlieb here. I weigh in with answers and opinions (mostly opinions) every Wednesday.
welcome to the neighborhood!!I'm so sorry to hear what has happened to that poor body of yours. I wish you didn't have to join this club of ours!

 I am also sorry to hear you are living with a kind of  double discrimination. Thank God you are a good-looking guy or else it could be even worse!

I lived with a kind of double diagnosis myself. I am a quad and I also have a history of significant clinical depression. But I don't think my diagnosis gets discriminated against nearly as much as it used to. Not only that, but I find that my openness draws people in rather than pushes them away. 

My experience is that my vulnerability and my comfort with it brings out the best in humans. The kindness and compassion we are all born with.

as you begin your journey, I believe you are doing just the right thing by reaching out to kindred spirits and building a support please tell us your story and how we can mobilize to help you

Dr. Dan Gottlieb

Re: PsychoQuad looking for others, similar or not!

Posted by PsychoQuad on Aug 14, 2017 8:53 pm

Thanks, I know we exchanged forum messages last fall, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciated that! As a psychiatric survivor and quad, yes coming out of the closet does seem to connect us to many wonderful folks. I guess some are afraid or repulsed, I guess, but darn I will not get a chance to ask. We all do need to keep reaching out. Thanks again!  

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