Spasticity and marijuana/ THC/ cannabis

Spasticity and marijuana/ THC/ cannabis

Posted by Kristy on Dec 10, 2013 5:13 pm

For anyone with spasticity issues, please watch this:

I am a physician with MS, quadriplegic, with significant spasticity. I was able to cut my Baclofen dosage in half by adding low dose THC. Marijuana is illegal in Florida, so I use prescribed Marinol, at over $1000/mo (thanks, insurance!). I am not stoned all the time; in fact, I am a university professor.

Spasticity is a huge problem for for many SCI, MS, and CP patients, among others. Marijuana is effective, CAN be inexpensive (where legal), and has an impressive safety record. 

Why aren't we pushing for nationwide legalization?

RE: Spasticity and marijuana/ THC/ cannabis

Posted by 2B on Dec 30, 2013 8:50 am

Because it is a natural herb, I think that the drug companies are most probably the largest group lobbying against legalization.  It might cut into their profits.  I have never tried marijuana, but would not discount it as an option if my pain progresses.  The pain varies so much and often is intensified at the worst of times.  I have hade three days now that I woke up without pain and I think that consistent TENs accupunture therapy has probably been the reason for that.  Also this holiday season I had a bad flu, which made me a little more cautious afterward, so I have been taking it slow and not going out as much.

RE: Spasticity and marijuana/ THC/ cannabis

Posted by JC on Jan 22, 2014 5:09 pm

I am a T-1 incomplete paraplegic with severe spasticity.  I smoke a couple of bowls at night and they go away immediately.  My spasticity seems to be triggered mostly by stomach issues.  I take extra fiber, eat enhanced yogurt an drink coffee each day, but still have issues of feeling bloated, gassy and can't always seem to completely evacuate.  However the days I smoke, i don't have that problem.  I can only afford enough for 3-4 days a week (actually a friend buys it for me because I can't afford it and it's not covered by medicare/medi-cal).  I have no spasms those days, but the days I don't have pot I have the stomach issues and spasms.  Then a day after imstart smokong o can go fine and no spasms.  I have had this same weekly pattern since I started smoking, before that it was stomach and spasms daily.  I hate most of the politics of this state and will be moving, but i will continue to smoke whether it is legal in the stàte I move to or not because I know after 13 years that it is medicine and it works!  I might try cutting my bacclofen and see if it makes a difference since reducing any of the man made drugs can only be helpful for my liver in the long run.  I have been taking 40mg QID but have been skipping one dose so I guess I have cut it 25% and no increase in spasticity as long as I smoke.  Anyway, I hope this helps someone,

RE: Spasticity and marijuana/ THC/ cannabis

Posted by Jacque on Jan 28, 2014 1:21 pm

My son makes sure he evacutates completely by using the and does not use any suppositories or stool softeners. No meds at all.

He does get leg spasms now and then but likes it that way - say's it gives his legs a little work out and that it's his body's way of showing how "ticked off" it is that it's not walking.
Good luck JC.
Hope you can have some success with complete bowel evacuation.

Re: Spasticity and marijuana/ THC/ cannabis

Posted by Kuner_91 on Oct 9, 2017 2:46 am

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