Question about bed alarm for me, quad

Question about bed alarm for me, quad

Posted by PsychoQuad on Nov 14, 2016 8:17 pm

Hi everybody, I just posed this question to ask a nurse here. If anyone has suggestions please feel free to reply here and or to my email:

November 2016: My goal of finding a good alarm

As a quad, I am very fortunate to have an amazing wife Debra, and so in the middle of the night I can turn to her for help. But what happens if Debra is, for example, in another room, or if she is ill? Starting this fall 2016, I have a mask on at night to get air from a bi-pap machine, so this complicates my triggering an alarm. 

Over the past few years, my arms have gotten a little stronger, so I could elbow a button and at least be able to reach emergency help, I think. 

If you have any suggestions, please contact me at 

Re: Question about bed alarm for me, quad

Posted by SpearJanis on Oct 30, 2017 6:05 am

We also had to think about this one. We thought about even something as simple as a bell perched on his bedside that could be knocked off with his arm or evenhead, but we will watch this for other potential solutions here.  It is all such a learning curve.  Good luck, I hope you find something.

Re: Question about bed alarm for me, quad

Posted by lukenlow on Mar 2, 2018 8:48 am

I completely agree with you! This issue just needs to be considered together and think about its solution, thanks to this site that collects people together

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