Severe lower back tightness/stiffness

Severe lower back tightness/stiffness

Posted by Roberta on Jul 13, 2015 1:41 pm

I was paralyzed one year ago and am a T3 Complete.  One of my big challenges for the last year was dealing with my leg spasticity and tone.  This was making transfers quite difficult.  Over time, however, with the use of oral Baclofen and stretching, my spasticity and tone have really calmed down.  But on the flip side, as my legs have become easier to work with, my lower back has become the issue.  It's almost as if the tone and spasticity have moved from my legs to my lower back.  I am now constantly having tightness and stiffness in the lower back area.  I can't feel pain but it does feel like I have a tight corsett or binder around my lower back that just stays constant.  Sometimes it feels as if my back might crack in half if I bend over.  I have followed up with my spinal surgeon who suggested a MRI and it came back unremarkable for anything unusual.    Besides Baclofen, I take Robaxin which is a muscle relaxer which should calm my back.  But it does not make any difference in the tightness/stiffness I feel in the lower back.  My bowel and bladder programs are right on track so I don't feel these could be a factor.  My question here is has anyone else been dealing with this type of sensation in the back?  Is this just part of the healing process?  Will it eventually get better?  Any suggestions would be very welcome.  This issue is the one last thing keeping me from moving on to total independence as it makes it quite difficult for transfers.

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