In search for different recovery methods

In search for different recovery methods

Posted by Vicente on Feb 7, 2014 7:03 am

I am writing about my uncle who has been paralyzed from chest down after an accident. He hit his head hard and the doc even said that his skull cracked. The doctor ordered two CT scans and also an MRI. He didn't find any inner bleedings in the brain, my uncle doesn't suffer from speech impairment either.

The doctors prognosis after seeing the MRI was :

Spinal Cord Injury Fracture closed spinions process of C5

My uncle still hasn't fully recovered a week after the accident. His arms are still swollen but he can both move them slightly. He has been wearing a neck supporter (cervical collar). He was taken off dextrose after the nurse has seen that he has been eating normal food (his bowel movement is not normal yet though).

The doctor has not provided my family with any clear statements yet. We are not sure what has to be done. We want to take him home because we are afraid that he will soon fall into deep depression if he stays in the hospital any longer.

The doctor was talking about a titanium plate surgery. I have read in forums about risks after an operation. I'm afraid that my uncle could suffer from speech impairment and also from complete paralyzation after the operation.

Another doctor suggested that braces will be put and he will no longer require operation but long intensive theraphy and medication. My uncle is currently in the charity ward of the hospital and that might explain the lack of information from the doctors... We were told though that the titanium plate would cost a large sum...

We are not sure what to do ... We are open to any suggestions. Please don't hesitate to write.

RE: In search for different recovery methods

Posted by steve on Feb 12, 2014 8:13 pm

I would not pretend to play doctor. Every injury is different, and requires a different recovery and care routine. Part of the answer to your question depends on which state you live in. Different states have different programs that are available to those who suffer such injuries. Also, how was your uncle injured? Different programs are available dependent on the method by which he obtained the injury. For instance, there are special programs for those who are victims of drunk drivers, or even just in a car wreck from state to state. Suggest you might also want to visit the Care Cure forum which has many who can offer you advice of the programs that are available in any particular state. However, be careful of ANYBODY who wants to act as your armchair doctor. I certainly understand the desire to get him away from the hospital. His chances of contracting other illnesses are high in a hospital, and the care is not always first rate, but I cannot judge the particular one you are at. Since it has been only a week, you are in a dicey area to not have a good doctor as his advocate, and giving good advice. Try to find somebody who is called a PMR doctor, and get them to at least visit, look at the information and advise. May God be with you and him.

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