Support groups for caregivers

Support groups for caregivers

Posted by littlelau on Apr 23, 2015 3:45 pm


My name is Laura and my boyfriend sustained a spinal cord injury (C4 incomplete) in Sep 2014. I have been looking for caregiver support groups/support groups for family members in Denver, Colorado to no avail. I was kindly provided some resources by a Reeve Foundation information specialist, but did not get any leads from that.  Anybody out there have any suggestions? Thanks! Laura

Re: Support groups for caregivers

Posted by Neecee on Apr 26, 2015 5:04 pm

Hi Laura,
I know how you feel, because I think it is hard for caregivers of SCI to get together, because we are so busy caring that we don't have opportunities to meet and get together. It's really a shame, because so many people like yourself are going through the same thing with no way to connect. My husband goes to therapy three days a week, and I spend the entire two hours conversing with other family members about what works, what doesn't. I've learned so much, and feel like they understand since they are going through it as well.  Since you are in Denver, you probably are connected with the Craig Medical system, one of the best spinal cord centers in the Nation. Perhaps they have a therapy program your boyfirend can be a part of, and in turn you can connect with others during his therapy sessions.
  I have a blog/website that talks about our journey, my thoughts, and resources for those going through the same thing. You can check it out at: I even have a tab on caregiving with tips and such.  
  I wish you well, and if you want to reach out and talk to me personally I would be happy to chat. There is a way to reach me if you go to my website. You can email from there.
Take Care and remember....things will always get better!!
Denise Stephens

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