Assisted Paraplegic Transfer Technique

Assisted Paraplegic Transfer Technique

Posted by YgritteSnow on Feb 26, 2015 5:28 pm

Hey guys! My boyfriend is possibly going to have shoulder rotator cuff repair surgery in his left (non dominant arm) in May probably. He currently does his transfers independently without a sliding board but once he gets the surgery he will be relying on others for transfers until he recovers. I am looking for advice or resources for assisted transfer techniques for his carers (me, his father, brother, sister etc)  during this time. 


I am currently trying to build up my functional and raw strength to be able to help him out. We (him and I) started just recently practicing assisted transfers but there is no finesse and I feel there has to be a better way. I looked on Youtube but found very little in  regards to assisted transfers.


I think he will be getting a transfer board and trapeze. 


Thanks in advance!

Re: Assisted Paraplegic Transfer Technique

Posted by Neecee on Feb 26, 2015 6:10 pm

Hi there!
I'm the wife and caregiver of my husband who is quadraplegic and has no use of his arms and hands.  We purchased a Beasy Board, which was a godsend. It alllows anyone of any size to transfer a patient who is incapaciatated.  Check out their website and they also show videos on how to do.  Without this board I would not have been able to do car transfers by myself.  I think getting one of these boards would be helpful.  Also, I purchased a lifting belt for myself to keep my beck stabilized. I have a blog that discussesthis very topic. Check it out at Look under the caregiving tab and you will see a post on transfers.
Good luck!
Denise Stephens

Re: Assisted Paraplegic Transfer Technique

Posted by YgritteSnow on Feb 27, 2015 11:44 am

Thank you Denise! I will check out your blog. This is all new to me (paraplegia) and in our relationship infancy we have been challenged with this hurdle to face in the near future. I have been reading up on paralysis so I can understand his world better and help him when needed. 

He is 25 years into his SCI and we are only half a year into our relationship. I fell in love with a man that is amazing, brave, intelligent, good looking and has an amazing heart and soul. I would do anything for him and if I can make his recovery easier I will do whatever I can. I also have a disability that keeps me from driving so it makes things more interesting. 

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