Traveling by train in France

Traveling by train in France

Posted by Vicky Queyquep on Aug 1, 2017 8:00 pm

Hi all, 

My name's Vicky and I'm a paraplegic with a T7-T12 SCI.  My parents and I are joining a group of our family members on our very first trip to France this coming October and need to take the TGV train from Lourdes to Paris.  The website that I was directed to go on to book tickets was however their customer service rep told us that in order to book handicap accessible tickets we would either need to contact the train company in France directly or purchase the tickets once we got to France.  The other suggestion that was made was that we contact the concierge of our hotel and ask them to assist us.  My parents and I have tried all these possibilities, sent numerous emails, have even tried making calls internationally but we aren't having much luck with purchasing tickets.  

If anyone has any experience in traveling in France and purchasing accessible tickets for the train, please respond to this post, we are in major need of assistance.  Thanks!

Re: Traveling by train in France

Posted by johnchols on Aug 2, 2017 5:32 am

Hello Vicky, 

I am in France and I can help you (I am a few kilometers from Lourdes in addition;)). You can buy train tickets on the site "Travel SNCF", you just have to tick the "disabled" box in order to benefit from assistance from the agents of the SNCF. 
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