Uber And Accessibility: What's Going On And What's Next?

Uber And Accessibility: What's Going On And What's Next?

Posted by PushNationFest on Aug 14, 2015 4:33 pm

Uber has recently been under fire for its services’ lack of user-friendliness after a collection of wheelchair users were poorly treated by the taxi service. With the ADA reaching its 25th anniversary this year, most trades have gotten up to speed with accessibility. However, the transportation industry has been one of the slowest to convert.  Under the ADA, all transportation providers are required to accommodate wheelchairs if the equipment can be stowed in the vehicle. Drivers must also accommodate passengers with service animals such as guide dogs.

Uber is currently in settlement negotiations in a suit brought by the National Federation of the Blind in California last September. It mentions 40 cases in which UberX drivers refused to offer their services to people with animal aides. Unfortunately, this is just one of many reported issues.

These recent law suits have gone after Uber’s inability to oblige all disabilities despite its company policy “to accommodate all users.” The company rebuttled by claiming that because it’s a technologycompany, the ADA transport rules don’t apply. The ride sharing applications like Uber, Lyft, and SideCar consider themselves Transportation Network Companies, which places them in a gray area when defining the federal regulations they must abide by.

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How do you guys feel about all this?

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