When a transfer goes wrong

When a transfer goes wrong

Posted by SpearJanis on Oct 4, 2017 2:59 pm

Today, our carer dropped my husband while transferring him into his chair from the bed.

He seems uninjured, although he did hurt his wrist a little.  It seems fine, but how and what do I need do and to check?  Do I need to go to the Doc to have him checked out?  There are no bruises, no broken skin, adn he says he is fine.

What are the sort of things I should just be on the look-out for?

Thanks in advance.

Re: When a transfer goes wrong

Posted by PC-Eastern-USA on Oct 5, 2017 3:10 pm

Hi SpearJanis,
It is tough to know when a person falls who can’t feel due to paralysis what damage has happened.  Checking the skin looking for bruises are good first steps.  Sometimes people may get some Autonomic Dysreflexia from injuries.  Slight cases of from sweating to more pronounced higher blood pressure or headaches.

I once transferred from a recliner to my wheelchair and fell breaking my leg in a couple of places.  I didn’t realize it until the next day while in bed I had some strong spasms and noticed a swelling in my calf.  Then I saw a bruise on my ankle which prompted me to go to the emergency room to get x-rays.

I would leave a note somewhere in the house to check again tomorrow for bruises.  When someone can’t feel in areas of their body they may just think nothing is wrong and forget to check those areas a day or so later.  A sticky pad note can act as a good reminder.

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation has certified Reeve Peer Mentors who can talk with people with paralysis of their family members to discuss items like this or anything the peer would like to discuss.  You can request a peer mentor by going to the following link https://www.christopherreeve.org/get-support/get-a-peer-mentor. The mentoring provided is free and so are some great resources and other information that can be obtained by talking with our Information Specialists from the Paralysis Resource Center 1-800-539-7309.
Todd A. Johnston 860-558-7384 Program Coordinator for Eastern United States Peer and Family Support Program Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation tjohnston@christopherreeve.org

Re: When a transfer goes wrong

Posted by SpearJanis on Oct 14, 2017 7:30 am

Thank you - I think a post it note is a brilliant idea.  I am going to institute this immediatey.  

I did redouble efforts to check Colin, and luckily, it seems we escaped any bad effects, but I will certainly take note of your information.  I am going to go check out the peer mentor programme, thanks a lot.

Have a lovely day. :)

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