Angry with no support

Angry with no support

Posted by on Nov 4, 2015 10:12 pm

Hi dr Dan 

i was was trying to figure out how to listen to the anger topic but never could figure out. I'm paralyzed as of 10 years in December. I live in a very very small town with no public transportation. And I have ssi because I got into my accident at age 18, I only get paid $700 a month. I can't afford a car and even I save up I don't have any support by my family ! To even Cosign ! My mom took my baby and said I couldn't take care of him because I was in a wheelchair and my family agrees !! He is five now and he doesn't understand why he can't live with me, my mother is very controler of the worst kind. She complaines about taking me Anywhere so I stay home 26 says of the month. I feel so hopeless !!

Re: Angry with no support

Posted by Dan Gottlieb on Nov 6, 2015 1:08 pm

Dear Jamie,

I'm sorry you couldn't join our discussion on Wednesday, I would have loved to talk to you. Let's try for next month, first Wednesday in December. You can call in regardless of the topic.

Now let's talk about your situation. In an ideal world, you would be in family therapy with your extended family. Regardless of what the outcome would be, life would be easier for everyone if you and your mother could truly listen to one another. I know there are therapists in Melbourne, which I think is near you. As a matter of fact,  I looked one up and sent her an email. You don't have to feel obligated, I'm just exploring resources here for you.

So assuming things don't improve between you and your mother, here you are with the life you have and the body you have and the finances you have. Okay, what now? Frankly, I cannot advise you about your finances or your resources that is far from my area of expertise. But if you connect with the peer mentoring group, they might have something for you.

But I come back to that question: what now? How do I live the life I have without resentment or self-pity. Is it possible to live this life and find something to be grateful for every day? These answers are for you to answer, but as a therapist and a fellow wheelchair traveler, I urge you to think about that for a series of questions. What now? If the answer is that you are willing to live this life, then possibilities for gratitude are all around you. With time and practice.

Please keep us posted on these pages.

Re: Angry with no support

Posted by Bill on Nov 12, 2015 3:53 pm

Hi Jamie,

My name is Bill Cawley and I am the program manager for the Reeve Foundation's national peer mentoring program, the Peer & Family Support program. I wanted to reach out because I noticed that the link Dr.Dan provided was not working. In case you tried and  it didn't work  I wanted to let you to know its working now.

If you haven't reached out I encourage you to do so.Our peer mentors have been where you are and may be able to help.

Take care,

Re: Angry with no support

Posted by Dan Gottlieb on Nov 17, 2015 3:38 pm

hi Jamie,

I've done a little homework on your behalf (I hope you don't mind). Anyway, I found a therapist named Margaret Andem in Marianna Florida. I'll get you her information in a second.,she informed me that there is an agency that provides therapy at home and accepts Medicaid.

anyway, Margaret said that you should feel free to contact her:
Margaret Andem ARNP, LCSW website email
850-573-2233 phone
850-482-2079 fax
P.O. Box 844, Marianna, FL 32447 mailing address
4396 Lafayette Street, Suite 209, Marianna, FL 32446 office address

I sure hope this is helpful. But whether it is or not, please tell me how and what you are doing. Feel free to keep us all up to date in this discussion group. And you could also email me directly:

Take care

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