3 Easy Steps to a Lifetime of Happiness

3 Easy Steps to a Lifetime of Happiness

Posted by Gerthro on Mar 18, 2014 9:57 am

Dr. Dan posted this on Huffington Post recently:


You really thought you could be forever happy in just three easy steps? At the very least, that means you've been reading way too much pop psychology. Seriously, for millennia our species managed to survive without magazine articles and self-help books promising that you can fix up your own life -- or your children's lives -- without following a step-by-step repair manual. We seemed to have been able to raise children just fine before we were taught to live in mortal fear of our children getting a boo-boo, striking out, or experiencing the nightmare of getting bad grades.

The reason my new book is called The Wisdom We're Born With is because, deep down, you know your truth already. And the advice that touches your heart is not new information, it just awakens the wisdom that was dozing somewhere inside.

But if you're still looking for steps, read the rest.


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