Going out of a SUB Q for fun

Going out of a SUB Q for fun

Posted by Robert_2102964 on Dec 13, 2013 2:34 pm

Indio Nursing & Rehab  Center 47-763 Monroe Street Indio California 92201 has posted the restrictions for my sister Evelyn Payne to go out for a show. Evelyn has had
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis now for fourteen years and she has not been let out for two and one half years because of 1. stability issues which have been resolved in the last three months, Respiratory Technicians being federalized by Legacy as the cutback in staff with the revue of their license if they help Evelyn go out, Medicaid rule SR 22 not enforceable by Senator Paul Ryan. We finally got here out to see a show (Iy's a Wonderful Life" at the Indio Playhouse for a cost of $450 out her own money for a five hour outing requiring four months of filing/arguing/and a federal court case at U S District Court for the Persute of Happiness denial by all SUB Q facilities who say aspirated patients can not go out on outings because they do not have the staff or will not cooperate.

This means that the United States has a questionable paraolympic team by this exclusion under IFOC rules.

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