support groups for SCI

support groups for SCI

Posted by Dan_2153560 on Oct 15, 2013 8:39 pm

How effective are online support groups vs. face to face support groups?

I became a complete C4 quad when I was 15 years in July 1972. 

At some time I want to re-connect with the SCI community, and learn what SCI support groups have to offer.

Traveling is difficult, at best because of the weather here in Vermont.

RE: support groups for SCI

Posted by Dan Gottlieb on Oct 16, 2013 3:05 pm

as an old-fashioned face-to-face psychologist,, I was really surprised when I read the literature that showed "Skype" psychotherapy was almost as effective as face-to-face.
Online support groups are also very effective and in some cases (such as  social anxiety disorders) they can be even more effective.

being with kindred spirits who "get it" is critical. If you can be part of an online support group and you feel you are with kindred spirits,  then it will be effective.

And don't forget, we meet once a month  on the first Wednesday of every month at 3 o'clock.. Please join us there!

RE: support groups for SCI

Posted by Dan_2153560 on Oct 17, 2013 7:35 pm

I have 41 years of "kindred spirits". Interesting that Skpe is used for psycotheraphy-- but then we are in an ever changing world of technology.

Dan Gilman

RE: support groups for SCI

Posted by Dan Gottlieb on Oct 23, 2013 2:58 pm

Many years ago I conducted a group for couples when the wives had breast cancer. This was one of the most open, vulnerable and intimate groups I've ever had the privilege to spend time with. There were 8 couples in the group and together we went to four funerals. And as we watched our friend deteriorate, the group seemed to grow closer and more loving towards her and her husband. And then we held her husband in his grief for as long as he needed us.

This kindred spirit business is like the bonds formed by soldiers in war or siblings who endure trauma together. They just "get it" when they feel no one else can.

And isn't this what we all want? I think from childhood through old age, we just want to be understood for who we are and not what we look like or what we accomplish. That's the power of these groups.

I believe that's the power of this group-and especially our monthly web chat group.

Join us Dan (and everyone else)

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