Spring into productivity by Jen Willowbrook

Spring into productivity by Jen Willowbrook

Posted by Community Admin on Apr 6, 2017 10:30 am

Spring is a warm, productive season; it surrounds us with sunny, blue skies and vibrant flowers! As a 39-year-old Quad of six years, I take this time of year to reflect on the positive aspects of my life and I accomplish goals I have set for myself. There are challenges to living with paralysis as you can imagine; however, I achieve my goals when I am prepared.

First and foremost, exercise has been the key to allow me to perform my independent tasks every day. My personal trainer  encourages me to reach for what is possible with unwinding focus and proper exercise moves. Your body holds your mind and spirit and to maintain the peace from within, the body needs to be relaxed. Depending on your injury, even moving or having a caregiver move your body for five minutes a day can make all the difference.

My hand dexterity is limited due to my injury, but someone will assist me with my everyday tasks by handing me what I need to perform them:  brushing and flossing my teeth, putting on my make-up and holding my eating utensils.
I like to paint my nails myself, and I have developed a great method for doing so.  I have created a few Youtube videos to share my method for other women living with a spinal cord injury. Watch my video to see how I accomplish this goal. 

I enjoy coloring with pencils, reading a book, and looking at magazines. My spring goal is to be able to hold a brush and brush my hair to style it with a headband and product. The challenge is on and I am ready for it! All I have to do is focus on the smaller steps to get to my big goals.

So, what are you doing this Spring to create a fresh start for yourself?

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Posted by strauss on May 18, 2017 5:12 am

Spring is a warm, gainful season; it encompasses us with sunny, blue skies and energetic blossoms! As a 39-year-old Quad of six years, I take this season of year to think about the positive parts of my life and I achieve objectives I have set for myself. There are difficulties to living with loss of motion as you can envision; be that as it may, I accomplish my objectives when I am readied. 500 Word Essay-Essay Tiger

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