Gift Giving by Jamie Duplechine

Gift Giving by Jamie Duplechine

Posted by Community Admin on Dec 20, 2016 2:18 pm

And so it is the holiday season all over again… Spending time with family and enjoying the children singing Christmas carols… Sipping cocoa in front of the fireplace while admiring the beautifully lit Christmas tree… Baking cookies and building gingerbread houses… All part of my favorite time of year. Oh! Wait… I forgot one major thing… shopping!

Everyone knows about the hustle and bustle of shopping, especially when you are in search of a gift you would like to purchase for someone living with paralysis. To avoid waiting until the last minute and totally stressing yourself out, perhaps you should do a little research on the person you're planning to buy a gift for. If it is someone you don't quite know, ask mutual friends about what that person likes. You should also inquire about the level of paralysis and function level of the individual. You may want to question if there is anything they might need (assistive equipment/ technologies) that would give them a greater sense of independence and quality-of-life. Below you will find a list of several gift ideas.
  1. Adaptive Art Set
  2. An Inspirational Book (digital, audio)
  3. Anything That Speaks Warmth (A hoodie, a blanket, etc.)
  4. Aroma/Stress Therapy Oils
  5. Gift Card (favorite store, Walmart, movie, etc.)
  6. Voice-Recognition Software
  7. Hot Cocoa And a Personalized Mug
  8. Amazon Alexa
Happy shopping and have a happy New Year!

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