Question about wearing my wedding rings

Question about wearing my wedding rings

Posted by PsychoQuad on Jan 22, 2016 10:10 pm

Hi, It has been three years since my fall, and I have all four limbs disabled plus a disabled voice, neck, etc. So in a way a newbie ad I have a question that other folks with disabled hands might be able to answer:
Because of my disabled hands I have not worn my wedding rings for three years. I have an idea and I wanted to run this by you:
If I got a fairly short chain (silver/gold) and put my rings on them (we have more than one), then i could wear them on me. As long as the chain is short the rings would not fall into my paralysis zone without my knowing, which has been my fear. Any feedback?

Hope someone responds. I introduced myself a few weeks ago and have not had any responses yet. Hey I am not complaining, I have had worse! Joke!

Seriously, if anyone wants to check me out here are some serch terms:

david w oaks blog psychiatric survivor quad climate crisis

Re: Question about wearing my wedding rings

Posted by Margy on Feb 1, 2016 5:49 pm

Wearing your wedding rings on a chain works.  I wore mine like that fo r five years until the swelling and loss of weight made it possible for them to go back on.  Just check a couple of times a day to see if its still there.  Good Luck!

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