T12 spinal cord injury, sex ,ejaculation

T12 spinal cord injury, sex ,ejaculation

Posted by batvess on Nov 9, 2018 4:34 pm

Am a t12 complete, I can have sex but can't ejaculate, can a vibrator  help, want to start a family with my wife. 

Re: T12 spinal cord injury, sex ,ejaculation

Posted by AskNurseLinda on Nov 9, 2018 6:46 pm

Congratulations. A new family is on the way.
Ejaculatory function takes place in the lumbar and sacral nerves of the spinal cord. It is quite a complex process. At T12, you will most likely need some medical intervention by a urologist to collect sperm which is then implanted in your partner. Vibration or electrical stimulation is typically used not the vibrator that you would buy in the store.
That being said, spinal injuries are unique to each person. You might have an injury that would allow response to an over the counter vibrator but more than likely, you will need medical intervention. Nurse Linda


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