vagus nerve and female orgasm how to experience

vagus nerve and female orgasm how to experience

Posted by tarangiresun on Feb 6, 2018 3:00 pm

I read a blog post by Sam Maddox regarding  the vagus nerve in relation to being an alternative pathway for spinal cord injured females to experience orgasms - can you help clarify? I've been ALL over the Internet researching info on orgasms and spinal cord injured women (not men, I'm female, so can we focus on women?) as I am injured at the T9 (thoracic level) ASIA (no sensation, no movement). So as I understand it, it's quite possible for SCI injured women to achieve orgasm, via self pleasure or during sex, if they concentrate touch in non-genital areas with heightened sensitivity? So for me, being at T9, that would be around my waistline, belly button? I am VERY sensitive around that area but I experience more pain than I do pleasure.

My question is if I start exploring sensual/sexual touching around than I should be able to have an orgasm? I know reports have shown SCI men/women experiencing orgasms in areas such as earlobes, neck, breasts, etc. and I do believe the largest sex organ IS the brain itself....but those areas really don't do anything for me. Having been injured at 39 I have it concrete in my head that orgasms originate from touch to clitoris or possibly thru vaginal sex.

I'm just desperate to get some answers. And yes, I've read Whipples book, THe Science of Orgasms, and the other book on disability and sex. I've looked into tantra techniques, sexological bodyworkers, etc...nobody really has any helpful insight into this dilemna as far as how. HOW do I acheive this. I've read over and over it's possible but tell me HOW?

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