My new amazing power chair, indoors, outdoors and made perfectly for me

My new amazing power chair, indoors, outdoors and made perfectly for me

Posted by Hayley on Aug 9, 2018 4:21 pm

 My name is Hayley and I broke my neck in a car accident back in 1990. There have been many tears and tantrums along the way, ups and downs, traumas and triumphs  but I am still here and have many stories to tell about my journey.


My proudest achievement since becoming paralysed is having my four amazing children.


After years of struggling  to find a suitable powered/electric wheelchair that can be easily driven inside as well as her having outside capabilities.  My husband threw his hands up in the air one day and said, ‘ that’s it, this is ridiculous, I’m going to build you a wheelchair myself’


 It seems that I was given a choice of either having a barely adequate outdoor powered wheelchair that was capable of managing the terrains of roads and pavements but certainly not off-roading or going on the beach as I wanted to do with my family. Or having an indoor chair that was small enough to get through doorways and around my home. 


Both my husband and I thought it was ridiculous that I couldn’t have both in one chair.  The outdoor chairs on offer were far too big to get through my normal size doorways and around my house without destroying it  I would also have struggled to get into my vehicle. Indoor chairs are small enough to get around my house and through my doorways but certainly not capable enough with skinny wheels and limited power to cope with the great outdoors.


 My husband had an advantage by being a mechanical engineer and so he set to work. After setting up the business,  we are now a year down the line  and have successfully built over 20 customer power chairs for very satisfied customers. 


Before Tom built me a wheelchair, I could not go onto the beach with my four young children, onto the soft sand where they could build sandcastles and go near the waters edge to watch them paddle and play.  Instead we had to sit on the edge so that I could stay on the hard concrete.  Why shouldn’t I as a wheelchair user be able to enjoy the beach like everybody else does?  I couldn’t wheel my chair over gravel, sand, rough terrain, snow,  steep inclines and declines,  now I have my amazing custom-built power chair, no terrain can stop me. 


Each chair is totally custom-built to the customers own requirements, no one size fits all.  I like to have a very high backrest and headrest,  I like my chair to have full tilt and be able to recline fully to a lying down position.  I also asked him to make it  with a seat lift so that I can be on the same eyelevel as able-bodied people  when I want to be,  yet still be able to sit under a standard table on other occasions.  I asked for lift up armrests and my controller to be on my left side. I have a  removable phone stand and an iPad stand  because I am always using them LOL and want them with me everywhere I go.  My chair is small enough to get around my house easily, into my lift  and through all my doorways,  I can easily get into my WAV  and he has even fitted it with a lockdown system  for my vehicle  and a USB socket  and heated backrest. 


The website is


Facebook page: Kilmore Power Chairs



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