Armrest & joystick mount for quickie 710 wheelchair

Armrest & joystick mount for quickie 710 wheelchair

Posted by Timshe on Dec 10, 2015 8:20 pm

I currently have a problem with my joystick and retractable joystick mount in my new Toyota van. The EMC steering box is too low by approximately 1 – 2 inches for my control module & joystick to pull forward. I need another option. I started with a dual post armrest with the swing away mount and that was about 1 inch too high both for the joystick & the front of the control module. My next option was a T style armrest with the new retractable joystick mount. Unfortunately this option does not work either since the joystick is now too high once again and hits the EMC steering wheel and the actual control module touches the Toyota steering wheel.
I would appreciate all suggestions and options that may be available.

Re: Armrest & joystick mount for quickie 710 wheelchair

Posted by Kathy on Dec 11, 2015 2:37 pm

‚ÄčThe Paralsyis Resource Center does have have a cars & driving fact sheet that lists organizations that may have knowlege of this issue.   
Feel Free to contact me if you would like to receive this information.
Or if you prefer, you may request information through our website
Go to and select the "Send an email” option.   
Information Specialist
800-539-7309 ext 7205

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