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Life After Paralysis is a blog that represents a variety of paralysis community members. It is a place for open conversation about the issues and the interests of people living with paralysis, their family, friends, caregivers, and the professionals that serve them. Comments are welcome!
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Three years ago, I participated in a state-wide disaster table-top exercise. I pointed out that certain procedures excluded people with disabilities. One of the people in charge calmly told me that “in the case of a true disaster, difficult choices would have to be made.” He already understood that PWD were being excluded and he was ok ... more...
Posted by JenLongdon on Life After Paralysis Oct 2, 2014 9:30 AM EDT
I was going to talk about how certain secondary conditions of paralysis have robbed me of almost a year, due to being sick and my slow recovery. I was going to write about sepsis, simple infections that insidiously turn fatal very quickly.  How nearly a year ago, sepsis nearly killed me, again (eight times in ten years), and how I was in and out of ... more...
Posted by JenLongdon on Life After Paralysis Sep 17, 2014 1:32 PM EDT
Wheelchair Carry
This past week, I had three separate encounters where I was unable to attend an event because the public venue wasn’t wheelchair accessible. It started a conversation that I want to relate here.   "Hey Jen, just what is the big deal with lifting you and your wheelchair in and out of places? We love you and we just want to help. We want you here for ... more...
Posted by JenLongdon on Life After Paralysis Sep 4, 2014 12:45 PM EDT

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My injury happened when I was three years old. I was on the handle bars of a bicycle with my brother when a drunk driver racing through the neighborhood hit us. I was thrown through the air, witnesses said 75 feet. Through the years the doctors told my mother that I wouldn't live past a certain age. They did this 3 times. After that they stopped trying to predict...
About the goosebumps and sweating below your fracture... I have T-12 complete and I still get both of those. My Dr said its odd and don't know how but it happens. Quite alot to be honest. Do you know what this could be?
It's feels so good to see such people living their life so actively. They are truly an inspiration. And thanks to technology for making their life easier there are so many products available in market like power chairs, wheelchairs, pride scooters etc. to help them live actively. While exploring internet I found a few sites like http://www.spinlife.co...
I really enjoyed your story. I'd like to converse with you if you'd like. I've been in a chair for 38 years now and it's nice to find someone with longevity in a chair. Take care, Edye
I really enjoyed reading this, it is very well written!