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My Favorite Physic

We all catch a cold or the flu from time to time and if your anything like me, you want it gone, now or at least feel back to my old self while the malady weasels its way out of my body and mind. There are plentiful over-the-counter medications that have one purpose, decrease the uncomfortable symptoms of the illness but most have unfavorable reactions with other medications or side effects that are sideling. I’ve got an alternative for you, please listen up.

Tuesday morning, some months ago, I slowly stirred after eight solid hours of sleep. Instead of feeling rested, ready to rise and tackle my days to do list, I felt listless, shivery cold and nauseated. While still horizontal I began a mental checklist of my symptoms, body aches, slight headache, chills, fatigue and nausea. I wasn’t sure if the markers I’d check listed meant food poisoning or the flu but I was positive the nauseated sensations I felt had my full and focused attention.

The vague uncomfortable feeling of queasiness didn’t feel urgent at the moment but if it altered I definitely didn’t want to cover the floor with something I would have to clean up. I knew I had to force myself to sit up, make that transfer into my chair and get to the kitchen for a large receptacle deposited next to my bed. I grabbed the biggest cooking pot, my down jacket, my wool scarf and succumbed to my mattress.

As I lay moaning and reflecting on what I ate the night before, the word Flu starburst into my head, I have the Flu! With my intuition blazing I sprang into action, well my mind leapt the image of Oscillococcinum a Homeopathic medicine as my body reluctantly followed toward the cupboard where I keep my stashes of over-the-counter  edications. Ahhhh, a full box of the three dose Oscillococcinum, I’m in luck. I opened the tube and dumped the first of three doses under my tongue letting the pellets dissolve.

My usual daybreak routine is to tinkle in my first animated moments of morn but not this day, I was completely sidetracked with my full attention focused on more vociferous bodily sensations. Now that I had my healing plan was in motion, I could relax, focus on my sunrise business and try to hit the sack for a third time.

I finished up voiding (I so love that sexy word, void), and was washing my hands as the last of the pellets melted away when I reached for a towel to dry my hands and an overwhelming body sense of, oh no I’m going to toss whatever’s in my tummy, hit me! My survival thought was, “I’ve got to tie my hair back.” Knowing I only had seconds to spare I franticly grabbed for a hair tie, fortunately they’re spread all over the counter in the bathroom.

Hair tied mission accomplished I bent over the latrine and let it rip. The miracle of Oscillococcinum a homeopathic medicine has again, worked instantaneously. Yes, I said instantly this stuff works, if the body is ready to let go this product get it done. And what’s cool there are no interaction with prescription medications or side effects, no drowsiness, no hangover, no interactions with herbal treatments, no over dosing and no masking of symptoms only encouragement to the body to rebalance and heal.

If you’ve never used Homeopathic medicines I suggest you give them a try.

They’ve been around for over two hundred years and can be used for all kinds of acute conditions, colds, flu, allergies, muscle strain and pain, bruising, babies teething, the list is varied and vast. The key words to remember here are Acute Conditions because Homeopathic medicine is not for long-term daily consumption, they are used in the here and now.

The word Homeopathy is from the two Greek words, homeo, meaning similar and pathos, meaning suffering, thus the term associated with Homeopathy of like cures like. This is kind of the same idea that is related to the use of vaccines, which came long after Homeopathic medicines had been in use. Similar to the old saying “ you need a little of the hair of the dog that bit you” theory.

Homeopathic medicine is made from diluted plants, animals and minerals given in micro-doses these elements can generate similar symptoms of symptoms being experienced by the person helping to speed up a cure for whatever is ailing the body. In my case, I was nauseated, Oscillococcinum is good for purging flu symptoms, and so that’s why it worked so quickly on me because I was in the acute stage of my nausea and illness.

I like using Homeopatic products and do my best to keep them on hand for my acute unwell feelings. When it comes to choosing a company, I’ve stuck with Boiron, my favorite, because it’s the first company I tried thirty-five years ago and I can find their reliable products globally when I travel outside the U.S. When I say Homeopathic medicine is reliable I mean it, it is always my first plan of action when I’m feeling out of balance.

Another great aspect of using Homeopathic medicine is that it’s super safe for anyone over the age of 2 and for anyone under that age there are some specific baby and child formulas. My sister and niece have used the teething formulas for all their children. There is a vast assortment of products and dosages to choose from, Arnica for muscle soreness and bruising which comes in a gel, cream or the under the tongue pelts. There’s Quietude as a sleep aid or Nux Vomica for relief of heartburn and indigestion or Sinusalia for sinus pain, just to name a few.
That Tuesday and into Wednesday I took the required three doses of Oscillococcinum every six hours followed straight away by a second round. After twenty-four hours and much sleeping, drinking of water and repose, I was ready for some light activity followed by a small meal. Ahhh much, much better, thank you very much and I’m ready to rock. 

Many Blessing to All, in joy Candace

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