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A Better Bladder

I was recently spinning through the planet of facebook sphere, perusing personal stories and worldly articles of interest when a report caught my eye that brought me to a screeching halt. As I read it my mind called up Mary Shelly’s novel The Last Man a story about people fighting to remain alive in world poisoned by a plague.

The epidemic of our time detailed here before my eyes, is bugs, nasty and vicious bacterial bugs defiant in the face of antibiotics. And anyone who lives with a spinal cord injury knows this tale all too well.

There may very well be other groups that are urged by many in the medical professions to utilize antibiotics in a prophylactic game plan to kill the constant introduction of bacteria into a person’s body, but I only know my spinal cord injury (SCI) game when it comes to this kettle of fish. Because I have lived the adventure of SCI for the past 39 years with all it’s joys and pains, several times a day I insert a catheter into my urethra to urinate and there for I also insert bacteria into my bladder, also. This has tethered me to the company of urinary tract infections (UTI) and doctors, on this journey as well.

So many M.D.’s push for a daily dose of antibiotics as a type of remedy for people with chronic UTI’s except it’s not it’s not the hoped for cure, it’s only proving to be a slow but steady death sentence. I have many friends with SCI that have followed their suggestion, because it seemed to have such ease and to be free of the seemingly endless stream of cloudy stinky smelling pee, the malaise of brain fog occurring with body fatigue and headaches. Only to, after so many years of daily antibiotic use they are now unable to find an antibiotic that will kill the UTI bug or any dastardly bug. And now the word on the street is that the bugs are getting badder beating to a pulp the current infection treatments so that nothing is working in a time of greater need.
I never negotiated that path of daily antibiotic use. So when the UTI heat flared my first route would be the way of water combined with vitamin C or tinctures, formulas, blends, magic potions, every tea, all sorts of capsules, juice, you name it I ingested it in hopes of putting out the early flames in my belly, and yes I kept everything clean from front to back. But just in case carried the slippery slope of antibiotics, in my emergency kit if the natural path I traveled took an erroneous turn and I was without warning perched upon the foul precipice.

Than came 2011 and I was having big-time issues with UTI’s. They were pressing in on me one right after another. I was using all class of antibiotics with no more than a short month or two hiatus free from contamination. On January 1 of 2012 I wrote the blog “What’s a Matter my Bladder?” befuddled and flustered by the prospect of another round of antibiotics. I tried a Candida cleanse and diet that improved my overall health but didn’t halt this invasion of a frightful pox. And than a miracle happened.

The Abilities Expo’s are a place of unlimited possibility to renew and build relationships as well as come across the latest goods and services. This is where I found ellura, or rather it found me in November of 2012. My bladder constitution was transformed from crushed to hale and hearty. Do I have your attention, now? ellura is a cranberry supplement, but not just any old cranberry supplement that I know you and I have used in hope of a UTI healing. This one has the right stuff data to back up the claims.

It’s not just the cranberry supplement, it’s the amount of proanthocyanidins or PAC in the cranberry supplement that is the key to how well a it will work on UTI’s or better yet on creating beautiful, glowing bladder hardiness. Other OTC cranberry products use, skins, stems and seeds, man! ellura is just cranberry extract, packed with PAC, 32 mg of anti-adhesion effect on E. coli and E. faecalis, which are the blame of the majority of UTIs.

I began taking one capsule a day, that very day in November. It is now 18 months later and I have had only one UTI that demanded only one single course of antibiotics, when up until that time every 3 months for a year I was taking the drugs. When I feel the ever so possible possibility of the snake crossing my path I take 2 ellura in the morning, 2 at mid day and 2 in evening as well as drinking 8 glasses of water on the first day. By evening my urine looks clear for the following two days I will take 1 capsule morning and evening. Whenever I travel on a plane I get excessively dehydrated so I take 2 in the morning and 2 when I land at my destination as a precaution.

This product is not merely assisting me in beating back UTI’s; I believe I am experiencing an improvement in the physical condition of my bladder and kidneys by taking ellura. The company doesn’t make that claim but I do and I also believe ellura is setting me up with the tools I need to continue on my way with a bounce in my step and fit as fiddle urinary tract. I've heard some say that "it's too expensive" and I say that the cost is far less than not having my health and that I’m holding off on using the big guns of antibiotics as long as I can. Carry on and be healthy!

Blessings to All, In JOY from Candace

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Posted by Candace on May 27, 2014 1:45 PM America/New_York