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Get To Gardening!

It is that time of year: for growing your favorite veggies and herbs and watching flowers bloom. Here is a story on gardening from your wheelchair. It is full of tips and tricks for making gardening easy and enjoyable. It even includes some tools and reaching aides to use. [tp:readmore]

Understanding your abilities, personal boundaries, and physical structure of your garden, will make for a more enjoyable gardening experience. "Know how far your reach limits are," says Gene Rothert, Manager of Horticultural Therapy Services of the Buehler Enabling Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden. "You don't want issues present that would impair your function in the garden. Match your garden's design to your special needs." Trying to push beyond your limits can decrease productivity, progress, and enjoyment.

"Create your garden on your deck or patio even," says Rothert, living with paralysis since 1977. "Use the least amount of energy possible getting there, save it for the garden."

Get to gardening!

More here from an expansion of accessible gardens at the Senior Gardens in Brighton Township Pennsylvania. The expansion will give residents living with limited mobility the chance to garden and plant. Read the story.



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Posted by JLo on May 15, 2012 12:07 PM America/New_York