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A Magical Evening 2010

Last night, the Reeve Foundation hosted their annual A Magical Evening gala. With it being the 20th anniversary of the event, it was nothing short of magical at all.

This being my second year attending the event, I was even more excited than last. From stuffing hundreds of gift bags yesterday morning to the last person shaking it on the dance floor last night, months of hard work and planning fell perfectly into place. Each and every detail make up the tightly wrapped package full of magic during A Magical Evening.

The awards alone were enough to feel inspired. Alexandra Reeve Givens presented IBM with the Visionary Leadership Award for its work in making technology accessible. Will Reeve presented Marsha Garces Williams with the Dana Reeve Hope Award for her humbling work and dedication to the Reeve family. And Matthew Reeve presented the Gonzalaz-Bunster family (pictured above) with the Christopher Reeve Spirit of Courage Award for founding The Walkabout Foundation.

Maybe it is just because I'm still enwrapped in the amazing feat of our Team Reeve athletes at the New York City Marathon, but I was overjoyed to see some of those Team Reeve-ers in attendance last night. No longer bearing their Team Reeve shirts, these athletes deserved all the praise they get. For me at least, they are magic.

And speaking of Team Reeve, Jesse Ruben came out on stage and shared his reasons for why he ran the marathon. To top it off, he performed "Song for Zack" and introduced his friend and Reeve Foundation Ambassador Zack Weinstein (pictured).

I can't forget to tell you about board member Alan T. Brown (pictured).

Alan addressed exactly what the Reeve Foundation is all about -- Today's Care. Tomorrow's Cure. As he sat on stage in his wheelchair, he was a reminder to all in attendance simply that life is meant to be lived.

Even now with the event done, the magic has not worn off. I can only hope that the magic of last night doesn't end there. I hope that it continues onward and that each and every individual will stand up for those who can't.

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Posted by JLo on Nov 18, 2010 2:33 PM America/New_York