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Adapting Life with Candace Cable, demonstrates that nothing is impossible and her guests showcase amazing activities people living with paralysis do every day.

Candace Cable
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Candace's special guest will be Mark Wellman.

Mark Wellman is a internationally acclaimed author, filmmaker and motivational speaker. After being paralyzed in a mountain climbing accident, Mark met his life head-on to reach his full potential by climbing back up the mountain. A two-time Paralympian and former Yosemite Park Ranger, Mark's NO Limits philosophy encourages to seek adventure and go beyond the seemingly unreachable.

In the Reeve Foundation online community, Dr. Dan is the moderator of our Healing the Heart and Mind discussion. When asked to summarize his life's work, he says simply: "I teach kindness."

Follow Candace Cable along her personal journey by reading her blog posts within the Reeve Foundation's online community Life After Paralysis section.

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About Candace Cable
Candace believes that there were 4 elements that came together in 1975 that gave her, community, purpose, wellness and joy after her spinal cord injury at the age of 21. They were family, counseling, disabled students service’s office at Long Beach State University and adaptive sports.
Posted by Community Admin on Mar 11, 2016 1:44 PM America/New_York