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Ready For A Summer Swim? Great Swimming Tips For You.

Swimming is a great way to exercise, relax, and stay cool in the summer -- especially if you are living with paralysis.

We have created a series of short, 2 minute videos to help you swim safely and with ease.

Getting in the Pool by Yourself
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While pools and lakes may feel intimidating to individuals with limited mobility, there is no reason everyone shouldn't enjoy this activity all year-round. It is a great way to stay fit and healthy.

Check out these practical swimming tips:

What to Wear

Getting into the Pool by Yourself

Using a Chair Lift

Using a Pool Chair

Learning to Float

Reeve Foundation Ambassador, Scott Chesney, narrates and demonstrates safe practices in each video. He had a spinal stroke at 15-years-old, resulting in a T7 injury. However, it has not stopped him from running a successful business, raising a family, or swimming to keep fit.

Each video is only about two minutes long.

So don't wait, get ready to swim today.

Our swimming videos are part of the popular Reeve Health Minute series. In addition to exercise tips, you'll find information on nutrition, adapting your home and car for a wheelchair, and finding ways to effectively navigate the world in a chair. See the full series.
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