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Tiphany Adams Ability Awareness Project

Tiphany Adams: Push Girl, Actress, Model, Fitness Enthusiast and Speaker

She recently announced the Tiphany Adams Ability Awareness Project which takes the message of ability (not disability) to students from pre-school through college and university.

Tiphany currently stars on Sundance Channels’ critically acclaimed docu-series Push Girls. In addition to her work on Push Girls, Tiphany speaks and advocates publicly on the topics of drunk and distracted driving, LGBT and GSA, nutrition, wellness and fitness.

After surviving a high speed head-on collision in October 2000, Tiphany Adams spent three weeks in a coma before managing to graduate high school that June. Since then, the outgoing and athletic Tiphany has adapted to life in a wheelchair while continuing to pursue her dreams. In 2008, the Northern California native moved to Los Angeles. After living with Angela, Tiphany recently moved into her own apartment and has begun a new romantic relationship.

She raises awareness and understanding on many topics – always with a core message of truth, love and self-acceptance.

The TIPHANY ADAMS ABILITY AWARENESS PROJECT visits students in schools all over the country and helps young people learn to shine a light on ABILITY – not disability. It starts with her wheelchair and springboards from it to talk about how disability can happen to anyone, what life is like with a disability, and the amazing things that people with disabilities achieve. From there the discussion always grows to talking about how ALL people are both DIFFERENT and SPECIAL with their own UNIQUE ABILITIES.

Shine a Light on Ability … not Disability!
Posted by Community Admin on Jun 3, 2014 11:38 AM America/New_York