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Groundbreaking Research Is Helping Dustin Move His Legs Again

Amazing things are happening for people like Dustin Shillcox, who was injured in a car accident in 2010, resulting in a T-5 spinal cord injury that left him completely paralyzed from the chest down.

Dustin is participating in groundbreaking research made possible by contributions from Reeve Foundation supporters.

As part of this pioneering study, Dustin is one of four people living with chronic spinal cord injury who were implanted with an epidural stimulator on the lower spinal cord to explore its impact in promoting recovery of some motor and autonomic functions.

Only days after Dustin activated the epidural stimulator, he noticed a remarkable change. In his own words: "I can stand. I can move both my legs, toes, and ankles."

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"It's very exciting after not moving my legs for two and half years -- now I can move my legs," he continues.

Without a doubt we are moving into an unprecedented and exciting phase of paralysis research. Susan Howley, who leads research at the Reeve Foundation, explains, “Right now, other than standard medical care, there are no effective evidence-based treatments for chronic spinal cord injury."

"The implications of this study for the field are quite profound. We can now envision a day where epidural stimulation might be part of a cocktail of therapies used to treat paralysis."

However, in order to move this vital work forward, we need resources to continue the research.

I hope you will find it in your heart to help. Please make your tax-deductible contribution today.

We would not have gotten this far without people like you who are willing to support research. Dustin’s life has transformed because of your generosity and advocacy.

In a recent interview, Dustin said, "This research is a reason to believe that anything is possible."

Please do what you can to help today. Your support is helping people recover movement and together we are changing lives.

Peter T. Wilderotter, President and CEO

Yours truly,

Peter T. Wilderotter, President and CEO

Peter T. Wilderotter
President and CEO
Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

PS: Your contribution today will support vital research to help more people like Dustin recover in ways they thought were impossible.

Thank you for helping.

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